Hi, I'm Ryan. My interest in cybersecurity began at a young age when my brother and I would hack into the local public library's Microsoft NT server for fun. We learned how to create password-protected web pages using JavaScript and explored rootkits, trojans, and other tactics. In middle school, I also started learning Java and used it to create bots and modifications for online games. Later, I learned PHP and used it to create a retro game catalog featuring ROMs and emulators, where users could vote on their favorites. Eventually, I landed my first job in IT, working with businesses to protect their systems from adware and spyware. Over the past 20 years, I've held various roles in the field and currently work with biotech and pharmaceutical companies, running their IT operations and cybersecurity functions, and performing internal and external penetration tests to ensure compliance with regulations such as PCI, FDA and SOX requirements. I have a goal-oriented and roadmap-based approach to IT and Cybersecurity and keep a sharp focus on happy customers. I am always eager to learn new tech, especially related to the latest threats and ways to defend against them.